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An offer conceived(designed) for vacation centers, works councils, associations, homes(foyers), sports clubs...
Reserve in advance instructors(monitors) to be on that your exit(release) in the ski is a success.

Every instructor(monitor) can frame(supervise) up to 12 persons of the same level, in Alpine skiing or in snowboard.

Most of the instructors(monitors) are also a guide of high mountains. To vary the activities during your stay, they propose you a discovery rackets(snowshoes) with snow on the site of the Bridge(Deck) of Spain (price lists(rates) on request).

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Educational schooltrips with Skiing Lesson

The International SPIRIT MOUNTAIN ski school is before any a school intended for the young people, the children and the teenagers, which suggests you organizing for you stays snow dedicated to the SCHOOL in all-inclusive package: accommodation(hosting), failed ski lifts, rent of material(equipment) and court(course,price,yard) of ski.

When we created this School, in 2004, outcome of a slow gestation, we wanted above all that she(it) corresponds to a state of mind, to an atmosphere, a way of being and to live the Mountain soaked(filled) with a taste marked for the communication the exchange and the transparency with our customers: to us, the customer or the managerial employee of the group can " make adjustment " that very day of the service(performance) of our Instructors(Monitors) to stick in most meadows of the demand(request) or the educational project


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