Educational schooltrips with Skiing Lesson

The International SPIRIT MOUNTAIN ski school is before any a school intended for the young people, the children and the teenagers, which suggests you organizing for you stays snow dedicated to the SCHOOL in all-inclusive package: accommodation(hosting), failed ski lifts, rent of material(equipment) and court(course,price,yard) of ski.

When we created this School, in 2004, outcome of a slow gestation, we wanted above all that she(it) corresponds to a state of mind, to an atmosphere, a way of being and to live the Mountain soaked(filled) with a taste marked for the communication the exchange and the transparency with our customers: to us, the customer or the managerial employee of the group can " make adjustment " that very day of the service(performance) of our Instructors(Monitors) to stick in most meadows of the demand(request) or the educational project


Is infinite is the Village and Ski Cauterets, in the Pyrenees National Park. It is also the Pont d'Espagne and blank spaces and preserved, or children have the privilege of seeing chamois, vultures, vultures, and why not cocks

Whatever activities we practice always (and only) in areas that we love and that we know well in keeping with the values ​​to which we are attached: the student, the mountain environment in transparency and humility , the themes are broken down in accordance with our educational project and in accordance with the Mountain and always with the aim of educating the young in the environmental impact that our business generates and responsible practice.

These activities, they are available to suit your desires and your project:
-Sports: alpine skiing, cross country skiing,
-More oriented nature and environment discovery: output theme, visit the home of the Pyrenees National Park, conferences and debates, exit snowshoeing, igloo building,
observations of animal tracks, etc ...
Or phase-mountain activities with more traditional fruit visit (cheese maturing cellars of the Pyrenees) or homemade sweets, ancient thermal establishment.

More than the culture of success that we cultivate balance, harmony and well-being of the young towards its fulfillment through the glide and sensation seeking, among us, it is not the clock that account only: performance is through the pursuit of pleasure and a quest for fulfillment, she is suffering, and even through pure performance if necessary, and why not by the speed if it is a source of vitality.

Our motto could be summed up: IN EVERY CORNER OF HAPPINESS!

Of course, our school has double pleasure:
- Ministry of National Education No. IA/PP/04S21
- Ministry of Youth and Sports.

In SPIRIT MOUNTAIN, all teachers are, of course, hold a state diploma teaching alpine and nordic skiing (national monitor) issued by ll'Ecole National Ski and Alpinism (ENSA in Chamonix); some are also mountain guides and / or escorts mountain. All their credentials are available in the register of our local school or will be sent on request.
All our staff are fully versed in teaching groups and especially young people, they are happy and proud to share their experience of the Mountain.

- We are faithful to our quality charter and our commitment vis-à-vis
Inspections Academic and Administration of Youth and Sports: the
groups never exceed 12 people,
- The program of the week is consistent with differentiated instruction per level, it
takes place through workshops,
- The objectives are covered for the week in terms of autonomy, safety and well
course of progression.

The educational scheme:
observe / analyze
overall objective? that the young person feels comfortable on the snow at the end of element
learning process.
technical objective? chain turns trying to master the concept of effects
and directional transfer support.

They are traditionally shelters or holiday centers solely dedicated to young and perfectly in line with your expectations and needs of your supervisors.
They may also be more traditional hotel structures.
But all are well versed in hosting groups and offer packages with full board.

These are the most studied among the abundant supply of specialized tour operators, they take
into account the budgetary realities of an institution (school, college, higher learning ...) while ensuring a quality service and diverse.
Example stay for 1 week except during school holidays (low season) includes:
accommodation full board in room 6 (with shower and toilet), the package
lifts, ski lessons (2h/day), equipment rental (skis,
poles, boots, helmets, snowshoes), free for 2 accompanying skiers
45 € / day per child (base 50 youth)

Recreation centers, schools, colleges, there are several hundreds of children and
dozens of school leaders who rely on us all
A big thank you for their loyalty to a few of them:
Bayonne High School Villa Pia
School Bertran de Born Perigueux
School Romagna
College of Notre Dame Tonneins
College of Saint Mary Casteljaloux
College Harteloire Brest
The College of Saint Anne Gacilly
School Nebian
Ecole Jean Moulin
St. John School
School Tabarly
School Alzon
School Paul Painlevé
School Civray
Ecole Saint Sauveur
St. Agnes School
Wisdom School
St. Peter School

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Mr Jean Paul Roger, Director of ESI Cauterets
: 06 85 05 53 42
: 05 62 92 09 78